Final Fantasy Cosplay Aerith Gainsborough by Ibara

This is Final Fantasy Cosplay Aerith Gainsborough by Ibara, I found while looking for reference material for my thesis (I make 3D games >.<) but instead stop at ^^, Aerith Gainsborough, Also known as Aeris Gainsborough and Aerith Gainborough, she is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, and she was one of my favorite character too, Aerith is upbeat and Cheerful, and installments times in Final Fantasy VII attempts to cheer up her fellow party members, As a child, Aerith was reluctant to accept her Cetra heritage, and in Final Fantasy VII, she later admits to Cloud she considers Herself alone.

Well I was recently very busy with my thesis, so little time to look for materials and new cosplay photo for my blog post, but yesterday I found this beautiful Final Fantasy Cosplay Aerith Gainsborough by Ibara, yea she was sweet in this cosplay photo, Ibara seen very suitable as Aerith, she has a sweet face :D and same body posture as Aerith, and i love her haircut too (i guess that not a wig), its more realistic hair Than on Final Fantasy, a bit different but still similar to Aerith's hair ^^ (that look better), Ibara has successfully made very sweet ​​Aerith. well I got this Final Fantasy Cosplay Aerith Gainsborough by Ibara from You can check there if You Want ^^. Beautiful cosplay!

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