Awesome Mirror Edge Cosplay Faith Connors

Here is this Awesome Mirror Edge Cosplay Faith Connors, Mirror Edge is one of my favorite offline game, she is the main character in the story of Mirrors Edge, Faith is a Runner, she detests how the city dictates the lives of its inhabitants and rebels against it as a Runner, At the age of 16, Faith left her father and Kate, to live on the streets, Fresh from being out of action and fully healed, she spends time Some retraining with Celeste, another runner and friend, before being put back on active duty! actually Mirror Edge game is an adaptation of the comic book with some title, I really like the agility of parkour sport, that awesome sport >.<, i already try some trick but always fail xD.

Well, this is best and Awesome Mirror Edge Cosplay Faith Connors ever i seen, the cosplayer name is Akusesu (i'm not too sure, but at least i found this cosplay photo from her DevieantArt ^^'), i really love with this amazing Faith cosplay photo...the cosplayer, lightning effect, and the background of this cosplay photo was put up well, especially the cosplayer, she was really close to the original Faith i ever imagine, she has similar face and body posture with Faith, and i love her tatto too. that look cool,,.actually everything look cool here ^^'. I love this Awesome Mirror Edge Cosplay Faith Connors, thanks to Akusesu for this amazing cosplay photo, u can visite her deviant album, just type Akusesu!! (i forget her link ^^") great Job!!

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