Cute Kirino Kousaka Cosplay by Midori Kanda

This is very cute and nice looking Kirino Kousaka Cosplay Photo by Midori Kanda, Kirino Kousaka is one of the main characters in "Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai" anime series, yea .. it is the title of his anime (it's really a very long title =.=")  that can mean "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute", was adapted from Japanese light novel series written by Tsukasa Fushimi, with Illustrations provided by Hiro Kanzaki, Kirino is Kyosuke's 14-year -old younger sister, She is secretly an otaku with an Obsession for "little sisters"-themed eroge, as well as the children's anime series, Stardust Witch Meruru, She uses the screen name Kiririn Pls with her ​​otaku friends, i thing she is cute and nice girls ^^.

Midori Kanda has manage to create very cute Kirino Kousaka Cosplay Photo, and i love that Kirino Kousaka Cosplay Costume with pink sweater with lace at the hands and waist that make her even more cute ^^, midori has a very similar face and really fit as Kirino Kousaka, and that short skirt, make her pose really risky pose ^^", and that her long curly orange wig very look nice and real and very similar to Kirino Kousaka hair, and i love the lightning of this Kirino Kousaka Cosplay Photo by Midori Kanda, that make this Cosplay photo comfortable view, its look soft and neat cosplay photo, btw, i took this Kirino Kousaka Cosplay Photo by Midori Kanda from, great job!

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