One piece cosplay Miss Double Finger

This is Perfect Miss Double Finger Cosplay photo i ever seen, Miss Double finger is a curvy woman with curly, dark-blue hair and dark green eyes, when she was disguised as Paula she wears glasses, a pink bandanna, a tanktop, tight pants, and has her hair tied back in a ponytail, she has calm personality, She is not easily amused by the antics of others and remains unweathered in any situation. She displayed a tendency to play with her victims, Miss Doublefinger ate the Toge Toge no Mi Devil Fruit, allowing her to turn any part of her body into deadly sharped spikes. She mainly makes use of her powers to stab her enemies, as well as "doping" herself to increase her muscle mass.

This is the most perfect Miss Double Finger Cosplay photo I have ever seen,  previously I've posted  Miss Double Finger Cosplay photo that was very good and also almost looks perfect cosplay photo, but unfortunately she was too young as Miss Double Finger (I think its just the lack of ^^), but now I have a Miss Double Finger Cosplay photo is very fitting and very similar as Miss Double Finger, if One Piece made ​​into a Live Movie I chose her as Miss Double Finger, i love everything from this Miss Double Finger Cosplay photo, her hair, her costume, her ... i dont know what that stuff name (assuming that was cigarette xD), and also she has a face that is very similar to Miss Double Finger, no need more words, this is The most perfect Miss Double Finger Cosplay photo I have ever seen! I love it!

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