KOF Mai Shiranui Cosplay New Costume

Actually I've never played this KOF maximum inpact, the last time I played KOF when I was a Grade 3 high school, it's a very good game, i love that game, and one of my favorite character is Mai Shiranui, previously I've posted some Mai Shiranui Cosplay photos, but all Mai Shiranui Cosplay was still wearing the old Mai Shiranui cosplay costume, I've seen this trailer KOF Maximum Inpact, and it looks very cool ( i thing i'll play this game soon, after i got bored with BF2 free4play :D) ... I think every character has two costume, the original costume and the new costume.


This Mai Shiranui Cosplay Photo I took from Cosplay.Lightchan.com, and the name of the cosplayer behind this beautiful Mai Shiranui Cosplay is Maruko, I think this is the first time I saw her cosplay photo, this Mai Shiranui Cosplay not look too hot, like most of Mai Shiranui Cosplay. and i love Mai Shiranui new haircut, she look more cute with that short haircut, i love it >.


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