Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay Olivier Mira Armstrong

This is Amazing Olivier Mira Armstrong Cosplay by Tasha, Olivier Mira Armstrong is the type of person who tends to distrusts people at first met, and has enormous prestige, and has no patience for formalities or idle conversation, Olivier Milla Armstrong is the older sister of Alex Louis Armstrong, even though they are both brothers but they have very different personalities, different from Oliver, Alex Louis Armstrong is more cheerful and friendly, Olivier Mira Armstrong always carries a sword at her side, and Enough is proficient to be Able to defeat her brother with it. I love her personality (but will beslightly awkward if become her boyfriend ^^").

I Love this Amazing Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay Olivier MiraArmstrong Cosplay by Tasha, well ... Tasha has always seen fit with Katana :D, in this Olivier Mira Armstrong Cosplay photo, Tasha looks more fierce and strong, but even so she remained seemingly pretty and sweet too, this Olivier Mira Armstrong Cosplay Costume has very well made​​, and hight detailed, I like the fur coat section on her shoulder, and also that very nice wig that looks real, i got this Olivier Mira Armstrong Cosplay photo from Cosplay.Lightchan.com, that was Amazing Olivier Mira Armstrong Cosplay by Tasha. I Love it!

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