Cute Gintama Cosplay Kagura by Midori Kanda

I got this Cute Kagura Cosplay Photo by Midori Kanda from, this is was amazing Kagura Cosplay photo, Kagura is the Kunoichi (female ninja) and also a female protagonist of Gintama Anime, Kagura is is a member of theYorozuya (Yorozuya is an outfit doing errands or odd-jobs for a fee) and comes from the Yato Tribe, yato species are averse tosunlight, which is why Kagura always carry an umbrella wherever she went, to protect her from sunlight, Kagura appearance did not look strong although it turns out she was very strong, and often lose control on her power when her friend in great danger, she most likes to eat and Seems to have an insatiable appetite, with a particular fondness for rice and sukonbu ^^", the most she wanted was to be an normal girl.

Like I said its was amazing and Cute Kagura Cosplay by Midori Kanda, i love to see Midori Kanda in red, she would look more sweet ^^", well actually her hair is't red but orange (but its okay), I think we agree that Midori Kanda was well suited with this Kagura Cosplay Costume, she looks fit as Kagura.though I think Kipi will also look fit as Kagura, and this Kagura Cosplay Costume looks very nice as well made, and also has made ​​exactly like the original (i think that not different from odinary red Chinese-style dress), including a purple umbrella that Midori take it, it makes this Kagura Cosplay Photos look more real, Great Work! >. <

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