Spice and Wolf Cosplay: Cute holo Cosplay by Koyuki (Valentine'sDay edition)

Spice and Wolf Cosplay: Cute Holo Cosplay by Koyuki (Valentine's Day edition)
now I have pictures of Cute Holo Cosplay from Spice and Wolf by Koyuki, as I said before, today is Koyuki Cosplay Valentine's Day edition, I'll post the Koyuki cosplay with shades of red or pink color, but it's hard to find a picture of Koyuki Cosplay dominant with red or pink color, and this Holo Cosplay picutres, I don't think dominant in red or pink color xD, but Koyuki has Red Hair (or look so for me :D) so I decided to post them (which is an important element of red color xD) and also Koyuki look very cute with Her wolf tail ^^.

well ... I found this picture of himeluphcosplay.blogspot.com too, Koyuki really make a Holo become alive, and also makes Holo look more cutier than I ever imagine, actually I did not really follow the story of this Spice and Wolf anime, but this Holo costume has been made with very cool and also very detailed, and i realy love Koyuki wolf tail in this Holo cosplay, it looks very real, and also make Koyuki very cute ^^. this is perfect Spice and Wolf Holo Cosplay. and Happy Valentine Guys!

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