Bleach Cosplay Soi-Fon Another Nice Costume Play (Cosplay) photo.

Bleach Cosplay Soi-Fon Another Nice Costume Play (Cosplay)photo.
This is another picture of Bleach Cosplay Soi-Fon, I've posted some cosplay from Bleach Series characters before, and I've got another cool picture of Soi-Fon cosplay, I think this picture is very fit to the real Soi-fon in the anime (I mean no less cool than the soi-fon cosplay photo that i posted before), actually I want to see soi-fon cosplay with her bankai, but I have not found a good one yet.

Now,I'm too lazy to look for a new cosplay photos on the internet ... so I look around my cosplay photo collection, and I found some pictures when  first time I did cosplay =.=", I actually look weird, and I found another cool Soi-fon cosplay photo, though I already forgot where I got this another nice Soi-Fon cosplay photo from , and I decided to to post this picture ... i love this cosplay pictures, she look beautiful with soi-fon costume. Greatt Cosplay!!

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