Three Best Bleach Hisagi Cosplay Photo Ever

Three best Bleach Hisagi cosplay photo
this is it, three of the best photos from Bleach Hisagi cosplay, actually there are some very good and fit Cosplay as Hisagi, but  I think this was the best.

I found this first photo cosplay at Deviantart, posted by AnimeDayDream. the best part of this cosplay photo is, the model is hot (a lot of female fans will love him ^^ ") and I think he does not wear a wig,it is real hair that is similar to Hisagi. cool cosplay!

And this one, I love this cosplay picture (not a cosplayer =.=") I think he was the most suitable of the three images as Hisagi cosplay that I choose. why, because, he looks very cool and calm, match with Hisagi a calm manner (like a ninja) . and most important reason ... he fits with Hisagi in my imagination ^^.

And the third, in fact earlier I just wanted to post two Cosplay pictures on top of it, but when viewed closely, he's also cool as Hisagi, only I think he looks too young and too over makeup, but overall he is similar to Hisagi. nice cosplay! ^^

Please note, most of these Cosplay photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine.
Although I added the name of the character and the cosplayer in the picture. Love Cosplay!!

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