Suzumiya Haruhi : Suzumiya Haruhi Cutie Costume Play (Cosplay)

Suzumiya Haruhi : Suzumiya Haruhi cute Costume Play (Cosplay)
finally I can post all of this cosplay photos, actually I already have this cosplay photo for a long time, but only a few photos only, and tonight after I check various sites, I found the overall picture of Suzumiya Haruhi cosplay. all eleven cosplay photo. but I had no idea who this cosplayer name, I did not find any information about who the cosplayer, so I can't include the name of the original owner of this cosplay photo. sry!!

She looks cutie with the costume of Haruhi Suzumiya, (I know, my comment always about cute or pretty =.="), but everyone must be agree with my opinion. I only comment what I know. and all I know is she is very cutie,very fitting as the Bossy Haruhi Suzumiya. so if you have other comments about this cosplay photo, please leave comments ^^.

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