Soul Eater : Death the Kid Amazing Cosplay

Soul Eater : Kid patty and liz amazing cosplay
Kid is the most attention to his appearance, he always wanted to look cool, and the things he hates most that not cool, and often drop because lessimportant thing, such as the lines in her hair =.=". patty and liz, always giving spirit when Kid drop (and sometimes that makes the drop is really a very unimportant thing lol).

Well ... among the cosplay pictures from the kid. this costume play photo is one of my favorite pictures, and looks very real and in accordance with a kid who I imagine, I mean he has the face of one type with a kid who was always proud of his self (actually overlyconfident =.="). and patty and liz cosplayer, they are also fully fit as Patty and Liz in my imagination, and they look very cool! cool cosplay!

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