Perfect Final Fantasy Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay by Saya

Perfect Final Fantasy Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay by Saya

I had never know the name of the cosplayer Saya before, although I think i already post of her cosplay photo before, she is very pretty cosplayer and always makes a beautiful cosplay character too ^^ she was Japanese.

Well I dont know much about her yet, so I can't explain in detail who Saya for now. which she clearly has made Rinoa Heartilly come alive. I do not know what you guys think about this photo, but I think she really Rinoa Heartilly, without a photo effect she was able to describe Rinoa Heartilly perfectly.

okay, this is some Rinoa Heartilly cosplay photo by Saya, I found a lot of Saya photo Cosplay, but I decided to just post the best photo, I think this is the photo which I thought was best. and thank you very much for Aya-chan ^ ^, this is a really cool cosplay photo :3 dont forget toleave comment guys ^ ^!!

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