Ichigo 100% Nishino Tsukasa Perfect Cosplay!

Ichigo 100% : Nishino Tsukasa Perfect Cosplay!
Ichigo 100% is one of my favorite comic, the story goes nice and easy to digest, can make me laugh and sad lol. Nishino Tsukasa is the most popular girl in school, but she's starting to like the ordinary guy called Amana Junpei =.=". not just Nishino, but two other popular girls (Toujou Aya and Satsuki Kitaoji)  also like the "common man" Junpei Amana Lol, I'm starting to hate such a lucky guy xD (screams in the heart T.T).

After searching and searching, I finally found a very appropriate Nishino cosplay, cosplay photo Nishino most have shortcomings, such as, less pretty, too old for high school girl. but this one was perfect ^ ^. she was very sweet and cute (as the most popular girl in school), and she also seemed still high school girl.she looks like Nishino who became human.

But I did not find any information about the cosplayer, I just found this cosplay photo in a cosplay forum Kaskus. I think she is a Japanese artist ^ ^? so sorry if i did not include the name of the original owner of this picture, I hope this picture is not under copyright. I would be happy if anyone provide information about this picture ^ ^, enjoy it and dont forget to leave your comment.

Please note, most of these photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine.
although I added the name of the character and the cosplayer in the picture. Love Cosplay!!

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