Beautiful cosplay of Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy Series

Beautiful cosplay of Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy Series
Well, I just found this picture when looking for the songs of Hatsune Miku (I do not know why could find this cosplay picture * lol *), and when I saw this photo, I think this photo is very Beautiful, either because the photo effect or the Kassinique Ayumi charisma that very cute ^^".

Yes, the cosplayer name is Ayumi Kassinique, first saw it I thought he was a Japanese girl. but after reading her biography, she was one country with my idol cosplayer, AlodiaGosiengfiao, he is a Philippines too, I found this picture from this site "site-studio.blogspot.comcosplayer" and in there explain all about Ayumi-Kassinique so I do not have to talk about her biography again.

And this picture, why Tifa had a sword, which I know in the film Tifa just fought with his bare hands? ummm ... what is the version of the game? anyone have any ideas about this? I dont know much about Final Fantasy game series. I think this picture is not under copyright, so I post them ^ ^, I do not know who the photographers from the this photo, but thanks to him and Ayumi Kassinique for makes very beautiful photo cosplay ^ ^.

Please note, most of these photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine.
although I added the name of the character and the cosplayer in the picture. Love Cosplay!!

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