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As Shihoin Yoruichi Dubber

Shihoin Yoruichi is Highly skilled in tactical combat, unlike the other shinigami, Shihoin Yoruichi until now not been seen out his Janpakuto, even he may not have Janpakuto .... Shihoin Yoruichi is known as the Shunshin, "Goddess of Flash", for her speed in movement is unmatched in Soul Society. She is a master of Shunko, "Flash Release", a technique that combines hand-to-hand combat with Kido abilities. This allows her to fight bare-handed against an enemy's weapon without Sustaining injuries. and I think Yoruichi is Shihoin coolest character in Bleach, because I really like the character with high speed like ninja.
and is very suitable Cosplayer as Shihoin Yoruichi. Great Job you all!!

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